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Default Re: My '78 is getting a set of #7100 Bilsteins

Thank you. Just wish I'd done it years ago... Like the cut-n-turn, the mastercraft seating, wide-ratio t19, etc and so on. This truck has been evolving over many years. By the time I'm 85 it will be just awesome.

And as it turned out, my rear 7100s came in yesterday, three weeks ahead of schedule. I'll put them on this weekend, if I have time, and take some pics.

Fwiw, the valving I used is Bilstein's 255/70, which is what Bilstein recommends (for both front and rear) and what IHPA sells for their 5100 series shocks. I think it will work fine. I won't know for sure until I take it out to the desert next fall and have the truck loaded with the usual extras.

I think if you're on a tighter budget you would be happy with 5100s. From what I read there is no difference in how they work, internally. Might be the same piston and valve arrangement. Main diff is that they have heim joints instead of rubber bushings. So their reaction is more.... Precise?

And the fox shocks my friend is running have what fox calls "50/70" valving. Fox measures the damping very differently than Bilstein. Those numbers mean 50% compression, 70% rebound. The percentage I guess refers to max possible damping for the piston in those directions. Or something like that. But whatever it means, it seems to work pretty well also. You want noticeably firmer rebound than compression. Not all shocks work that way, but they should.

We'll see how it all works once my rear shocks are on.

Btw, I'll also be redoing my bump-stops, which I might have mentioned above. I bought some Energy Suspension 2.5" 'racing' stops for the front and I will be figuring a way to drop those an inch or so. The rear end will get something similar since they definitely rub at full stuff, yet the axle never seems to come near the whimpy factory rubber stops. It needs taller stops mounted a little rearward of where they are now.


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