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Default Re: My '78 is getting a set of #7100 Bilsteins

Update: I have the front towers welded in now and ready for a little paint. While the towers were still just tacked into place I did a fit check on a rutted trail nearby, getting everything crossed up pretty good, just to make sure there were no clearance issues.

I have to say, the ride is really nice with the bilsteins. They are a big improvement over the r9000s. The Scout's front end seems to handle better and the suspension is now allowed to work in soaking up bumps.

So far this is only half of an improvement though. I need to bite the bullet and order a set of 8" 7100 shocks for the rear end. For example, just for fun I drove over a 6" curb at about 6-8 miles an hour. When the front tires hit, I didn't so much as feel the curb as hear it. But when the rear tires hit, boing, the whole back end jumped up in the air and and launched my loose cargo airborne momentarily.

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