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Default My '78 is getting a set of #7100 Bilsteins

I started this post up in the iho product questions sub-forum, but I'll continue it here.

Just working on the front shocks so far. I have a set of the 10"-travel non-res 7100s. I only have about 3" of lift up front, so 5" of play up and down is probably more than I need but I'd rather have extra than have not enough, which is how it was with my 6.3" ranchos. At everyone's suggestion I went with the 255/70 valving. We'll see how I like that.

What I've done so far is cut off the front upper shock mounts and prepped a couple of the aftermarket shock towers to be graphed on. I cut the towers down to 9" high since that's all I need for fitment. The pic below shows where I am right now. The towers are not yet attached, as I'm still working out exactly how to do that and have them properly stand off the frame rail.

I'll post my progress in this forum, in case it interests anyone. What can be learned here I guess, is how the IHPA towers can be modified to work on a sprung-under Scout II that has only moderate lift, like mine.

As an aside, my buddy just installed a set of the 2.0 fox emulsion shocks all around on his Scout II, which has an old set of rancho spring that are 20+ years old. The improvement over his old rancho 9000 shocks is amazing. I didn't think it'd be possible to improve the bump-handling and general road manners on a leaf-sprung Scout with just a change in shocks, but the improvement his huge. Speed bumps used to be a jarring experience at any speed and sent any loose gear airborne. Now, hitting those bumps at 20-30 mph and the the Scout just does a little thump-thump. I was very impressed while riding in it.

Anywho... Since the 7100s are of a somewhat similar design and application to the fox 2.0s, I will be very happy if my Scout's handling comes out similarly better.

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