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Default Re: My '78 is getting a set of #7100 Bilsteins

Right on! Lookin good. I didnt notice the front corner rolled like that until you said something. Thinking about taking it higher and cutting off the sheet metal below the front turn signal and wrap it around for more clearance. Those tires are 33' s. I also switched out the the 8 inch shock for the 12 inch because when I cycled the suspension not much drop. Even moving the mounts. So now I have the 12's in the back and gonna order 14's for the front. And sell these 8's. And also did what Jeff did and attached the resevoirs opposite of each other. I should have those 14's by the time I drive down to scooters and pick up his shock hoop frame. When I do ill post the pics how it looks. I need to start my own readers ride thread ive done so much and have all the pics just to lazy hahaha.
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