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Default Re: Is this just a SD33 bell or did other IHs use it?

Originally Posted by sammy View Post
sd 22 and 33 used the same bellhousing and flywheel cover that you're missing. Iirc that's a sae#2 bell for those. The 22 is definitely too small for the t'all at only 60 hp. I had a 33t for years and it was good as far as reliability goes but the lack of ponies and parts sources drying up I went a different route.
Fyi, patrol is completely different from the engine plate back. Which makes me think the sd22 stuff is completely different too.

The patrol sd33t engine plate (is that what you guys call adapter?) is much shallower as is the bellhousing. Completely different bolt pattern too. Patrol shifter location due to this is 4" forward of where it is with a t19.

Interesting bit though, engine plate has Nissan part number on it, very similar part number to the patrol plate. I guess the engine plate is obviously a Nissan part on scouts. Crank has got to be different too as the Scout sd33t has a big hole in the back of the crank while the patrol it is machined for a spigot bushing. Scout has bearing in the flywheel for input shaft bearing not spigot bushing in the end of the crank like on a patrol. Difference in size on the hole in the crack is huge. Don't see these cranks being universal for this reason.

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