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Default Re: 1965 D1100 4x4 driver/project

Throwing some pics up just because. I'm trying to learn the basics of u-joints and yokes; figured I'd bring this thread along for the ride. Ive found so far aparently the 429 U-joint is fairly common, fortunately for me, since the needle bearings in mine are flat sided in there. To give y'all a perspective to how bad these are, the cups themselves take a good forcefull twist to move, the ones that do come off wobble, and the joints all seem relatively glued in a fixed position on the drive lines.

In regards to yokes, my rear output yoke on the t-case was broken, so I sourced a replacement. It has the same casting #, but apears to not quite fit right.

Old vs new. Funny thing is, all the old ones are the same, theres a small # inside of each yoke cast in thats different on each one. 1, 5, and 7 are the originals, and the nos yoke is a 3. Shouldnt make any difference. The nos yoke does have the old finish on it, that might make a difference idk.
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