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Originally Posted by korllach View Post
thanks again to dan and everyone else who put on the Binder Bee! It was a ton of fun getting to meet a lot of you guys after corresponding with you guys on these forums for the past couple of years, especially monty, dan, and Mike. I just wish I could have got some time to meet mr. Mayben.

Would like to also thank everyone who took the time to stop by the skinny pedal booth to look at our hid's, rock lights, and the custom fab on my Scout. If you didn't get a flyer and wanted to get ahold of us about a lighting solution or fab solution you can head to our website at and there is contact info there.

Last but not least, I want to thank Jeff at ihon for taking the time to look over my project and give some details from his experience on things I can improve. It is always nice to get a fresh perspective from someone who works with these vehicles every day and knows a lot of their quirks. And for taking the time to look at our product line and talk some business. Getting to shoot the shit for a bit with Jeff was flippin awesome =d
You were at the bee and didn't jump my butt??? I had no idea!

But then, I was in caldwell/boise last month and didn't jump yore butt either so I guess we're even.

Let's don't have this happen again!
Are yawl ready??? If not here's some training ya might need to prepare:
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