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  1. Craig

    Cracked frame at body mount

    The frame cracked by the body mount under the door hinge. It's pretty bad being crack from the top to the bottom. See pic. The plan is to clean it up and inspect the damage. Next I will cut the body mount loose from the frame, leaving the top tab welded to the frame. The plan is to add some...
  2. Craig

    Rubicon fall trip Sept 22nd - 24

    OK slacker it time to dust the cobweds off these machines and get them ready for a Rubicon run. I'm open for what the group wants to do but a 3 day wheeling trip will melt the stress away from the daily grind. This would be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday trip in the fall after the major trips are...
  3. Craig

    Rear Scout Traveler driveline. Needs new u joints

    Rear drive line Scout traveler. Needs new u joints, it's been sitting outside, so some surface rust. Location rancho cordova CA 95670
  4. Craig

    Bench seat, from 1974 pickup

    In good shape, no tears, or soft spots. Free if you pick it up in your International otherwise bring some beer. Location rancho cordova CA 95670
  5. Craig

    Need help in troubleshooting, have logged data

    This is an odd one, the Scout has been parked for a while, figured I had bad gas. New gas and fuel filter. Runs fine at idle. Fuel pressure at 12 psi which is right were I set it many years ago. When driving, it surges. The injectors are not dumping in fuel. Pressure looks good when...
  6. Craig

    Misc Parts for sale.

    I'm working on a list and pictures. 1: Scout II steering column blue in color $40 2: good auto flex plate $10 3: valve covers $5 4: radiators $20 5: front cover $5 6: oil screw on cover $5 7: 72 truck dash with misc parts attached $5 8: big nut water pump fan $5 9: mics parts $5 10: barden...
  7. Craig

    Rock Races this Sat.

    Whos going, where do you want to meet up. Matt and I parked on the opposite side of the finish line last year. Racing begins at 10am main heat is around 1pm
  8. Craig


    Anybody got a number for marty. Thanks
  9. Craig

    West Cost Winter National T-shirt

    Any interest in 20 year shirt? We could copy the shirt from 3 years ago http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/bay-area-binder-society/8014-hollister-t-shirt.html
  10. Craig

    Windshield Frame to Hard Top Seal, Scout II

    Windshield frame to hard top seal, Scout II install I bought the seal a while back and just getting around to install it. I figured out how most of the seal attaches to the top, but the ends are a mystery. There are two piece that stick out and would like to install it correctly...
  11. Craig

    Scout II fuel tank sending unit replacement

    My gas tank was leaking from the sending unit. Suspect the rubber gasket had gone bad. I bought a whole new assy from IHPA just because its a pain the $ss to pull the the gas tank. While its down just better to replace all hoses and sending unit. Well talking with another member, he...
  12. Craig

    Rock Race Oct 19th Rancho Cordova

    home I would like to go and watch. Anybody else up for it?
  13. Craig

    1976 GM flattop front axle complete

    Ok the location is free :) I was at the rancho pick and pull and just past the premier fence where the trucks start 2nd row and 2nd truck back is an orange pickup. It's all complete, so suspect it was just placed.
  14. Craig

    Hell Hole Reservoir first week in Aug

    Link to post click here Post in the babs are if you would like to go. I will post some current info on trail conditions, so everyone knows what to expect.
  15. Craig

    Slivovitz making a batch

    Ok I know nothing about the process. I do know its some very good stuff. On our last run, rob's brother in law had a bottle of it. At this point the neighbors tree has so many plums a huge branch broke off and it's in my back yard. I collect a lot of plums. I put them in homer...
  16. Craig

    Last con run of the year

    A couple of us are going to hit the con this weekend. 10/12/2012 -10/14/2012 fri-sun trip.
  17. Craig

    72 pickup parting out

    There is a 72 pickup at the rancho picknpull. They have it labeled as a Scout:icon_eek: on their website the motor, tranny ,axles and transfercase are all still there. Pass fender looks ok, the other sheet metal has dents. Dash pasts are mostly gone.
  18. Craig

    Rubicon run 2012 sept 7,8,9

    Just in case some of you don't get out much. I posted it under the norcal Scout section. Loon lake to buck and back. The trail has gone through a lot of change this year. The dot ( dept of transportation) has been driving a bull dozer on the trail, so sheet metal damage is now at a...
  19. Craig

    Rubicon Run 2012 Sept 7,8,9

    I would like to run from loon lake to buck on Friday sept 7th. Camp there 2 nights and head back to loon on Sunday. This is a the week before marlin crawler round up, so the trail should have a bit less traffic.
  20. Craig

    Relays, everything you did not know.

    Not everyone is into rewiring there Scout's but there are times when you need to add some new device and you add a relay to power it. But what about those times when a relay can be used outside the box of thinking. Worried about your baby being stolen? How about a starter interrupter...