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    GM 350 or LS adapter to an IH T-19 using the adapter on your site?

    Just curious about the clutch modification that needs to happen to make this swap? Ive read through AA site or novak which ever it was and recall reading that some sort of clutch modifcation will have to happen to the mechanical linkage to make it work so its not a plug and play kind of swap...
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    Hi- steer set up

    Hey fellas. Finally got to drive the scout with your SOA and hi steer set up. It seems a little light and floaty on the front end. Just wondering if you have any recommendations for alignment specs on this set up? I currently have the toe set about 1/16" toe in 1/8" overall front to back...
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    Partsmike Hi Steer kit included in your SOA kit.

    Just asking this question as I've been doing some research on steering set ups... well after I have mine installed from your kit . But besides that I'm still curious on this. Why did you guys choose the Inverted T tie rod/ drag link set up rather than the Dual hole Cross over steering? Just...
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    Forward fuel tank mount location SII?

    Looking for a dimension from the rear cross member to the forward fuel tank mount (where the straps bolt up). Thanks for any help. Need this welded in. Or should I just put the straps around the tank with this bolted to them and get a good enough location and then weld it up?
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    Cpt/ford shock tower install.

    Looking for some help here with the shock tower install Here's a few photos of what I've got so far Tower angled back 5* is this good? Tower angled outward 20*? This seems too excessive the shocks end up angle in rather than angled out. Also how far down should I put the shock tower...
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    Shocks supplied with SOA kit

    So my kit came with two sets of shocks. Different lengths. Am I to assume the longer travel shocks are for the front 12" travel and the 9.25" travel for the rear. I just want to double check this before I weld my tabs into the axles.
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    Front driveshaft length after SOA and RS?

    So my question with this is... Now that the shackles will swing rear ward should I measure for the front shaft at compressed length or extended length or in the center of travel? I've got 79 bronco cv shafts to use front and rear will likely have to be re-tubed. The stock front shaft was...
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    RS rear shackle hole location.

    So gents. I've got this set up front fangs are welded in solid. Leaf springs are in with a rear axle under the perches just for mock up as I have not got the pass side perch cut to 3" yet. My big question is can I just wrap a couple 10k lb straps around this and crank the leaf springs up by...
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    Pass side spring perch for SOA (S2 stock 44 axle)

    Does anyone have a picture of their finished scout ii spring perch? I'm not looking for a picture of the axle housing I'm looking for a picture of the actual CPT perch. How much I need to cut out of it to fit my housing. I've ground the housing area round in prep for this. I just received...