• To ALL forum users - As of late I have been getting quite a few private messages with questions about build ups here on the forum, or tech questions about your personal project. While I appreciate the interest, sending me a private message about these topics distracts from, and undermines the purpose of having a forum here. During the day I wear many hats as a small business owner-operator and I work tirelessly to provide the absolute best service possible to you, our valued customer. When I created this forum I rounded up some of the best minds I knew so that any tech question you might have could be asked and answered by either myself or one of my highly experienced moderators, this way the next time this same question is asked the answer can be easily found and utilized by the next IH enthusiast having the same question. This allows me the freedom to run the day to day operations of the business and minimize the impact to shipments and shop activities that these distractions can cause. It is of the up most importance for me to complete the daily tasks in order to best take care of you our customer, all the while providing you a forum to get the level advice and input you have come to expect and deserve from the premier IH shop in the country.

    So with that I ask that anyone with a question about one of our build ups or a general tech question to please use the forum as it was intended. I am absolutely available by telephone to answer your questions as well but at times may direct you back to our website to better field your question or questions. Most other private messages I will be glad to answer for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jeff Ismail

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  1. Bill USN-1

    2nd Annual North West Poker Run

    It's time for the 2nd annual north west International Harvester poker run. Hoping this year turns out as nice as our 1st annual poker run did. We had a great time and met some wonderful binder nuts. If you are looking for whidbey island on the map then go north of seattle but turn left on...
  2. Bill USN-1

    1st Annual NW IH Poker Run

    That's right folks! We are going to have the 1st annual north west International Harvester poker run. It May be a little short notice but still plenty of time to make plans to attend. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous up here and I just felt like others need to see the beautiful...
  3. Bill USN-1

    FAQ-Programmer options

    The c3 GM ecms like the 1227747 we use have an older 2732 eprom. These are eraseable programmable read only memory chips that have to be erased with a uv light like a germicide light. Almost 100% of eproms has its code starting by the manufacturer code, then 27xxxx. All (non otp) eproms have...
  4. Bill USN-1

    FAQ-Injector removal and Regulator adjustments

    Lets start with the basic tb. This style is found on v-6 and v-8 applications. All the information here also applies to some of the 4 cyl tb's that use the same style injector pod. If you are looking to strip your tb down and do a little cleaning, the injector pod is really easy to...
  5. Bill USN-1

    FAQ-Data Logging

    You will then need the cable to log your data from your ECM while you drive. I use winaldl And the 1 transistor cable. see bottom of page All the parts from radio shack cost about $6 you can also buy a preassembled cable from Jeff. fuel injection aldl cable w/ usb port - IH Parts America...
  6. Bill USN-1

    FAQ-Initial System Setup

    I know the first thing guys want to do when hooking up their fuel injection set up is to start it up and hear it run.... after you performed the voltage checks!! There are a couple things that need to be done after the installation. 1. Timing- there are 2 ways to do this. A...
  7. Bill USN-1


    Ok, I will go pin by pin on the 1227747 harness. First- you will need The set of diagrams available from here Or attached below. But first Some basics: I run 2 relays. 1 for 12v to the ignition, ECM power and injectors, and 1 for the fuel pump. I use the basic 30 amp aux lighting...
  8. Bill USN-1

    FAQ-Parts Required

    We are referring to the 88-91 GM TBI-throttle body injection systems. The primary system being from a truck, van, or astro van with 4.3 or larger engines and using the 1227747 ECM. If you do get the 4.3 v-6 ECM, you will need to replace both chips in it with the v-8 chips. The v8...
  9. Bill USN-1

    photo gallery

    Jeff, tried to upload pics today but it does not have me logged in and when I try to log in or register it goes to an error page. I can view the albums.
  10. Bill USN-1

    Basic Chip adjustments

    I will go through some of the basic parameters that I normally adjust when setting up a chip for a specific engine. Keep in mind that there are a lot of thing that "can" be changed but it does not mean the "should" be changed. There are also more items available with different software used...
  11. Bill USN-1


    Hello and welcome to the IH-only fuel injection forum. We are here to help you answer some of those questions you have had about finally taking that big leap and investing in FI. From diy to kits we will try our best to give a simple and fair answer. If we don't know it, someone else...