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    So with that I ask that anyone with a question about one of our build ups or a general tech question to please use the forum as it was intended. I am absolutely available by telephone to answer your questions as well but at times may direct you back to our website to better field your question or questions. Most other private messages I will be glad to answer for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jeff Ismail

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  1. ihpartsjeff

    Anyone near Cotati?

    Any BABS members up near or willing to drive to Cotati to pick up a Harley engine for a good friend of mine and fellow Scout guy Levi of Old Iron Offroad? The seller won't ship hence needing someone to physically grab it. I'm sure some form of compensation could be paid for gas or whatever if...
  2. ihpartsjeff

    Type of fan used on 196 Four Cyl

    Horsepower! A six blade fan will rob the engine of more power than a four blade fan since it is pushing more air. The four cylinder, being a smaller engine, doesn't need such a robust cooling system like a V8 engine does. Since you are not having any cooling issues, I would leave the four blade...
  3. ihpartsjeff

    Figuring out the new forum picture file size cap.

    I'll get our webmaster Todd to check on this and get back to you with a resolution. I haven't tried adding a picture yet so I don't have any info to offer.
  4. ihpartsjeff

    IH 1958 A170/A175 Dump Truck Clutch

    Once you have the clutch pulled, contact our parts department as we can either swap yours out or have it rebuilt. 530-274-1795 or email sales@ihpartsamerica.com
  5. ihpartsjeff

    addco rear sway bar install

    You need to tighten up the bolt some more as I don't see the bushings looking squished at all. Those bushings should look close to half their current size when properly tightened down.
  6. ihpartsjeff

    Frame x brace and oem front sway bar

    You should be good to go with our lifted shackles. It's set ups with stock shackles that can run into an interference issue.
  7. ihpartsjeff

    3/8" fuel supply line for dual tanks in a 71 Scout 800B

    Thank you! Over 7500 miles in 18 days averaging 10 mpg. Ran that engine very hard that trip and it is ready to do it again. We will be returning to Ultimate Adventure 2020 later in the year, however the location will not be Alaska, just somewhere in the lower 48 states. I've also put over 60000...
  8. ihpartsjeff

    3/8" fuel supply line for dual tanks in a 71 Scout 800B

    I believe you are correct in that plastic tanks do not have a drain plug. I'd have to get back with you on that one and see if we have done a conversion in-house with plastic tanks. I think there is a big difference in performance but the overall difference will be dictated by how well your...
  9. ihpartsjeff

    3/8" fuel supply line for dual tanks in a 71 Scout 800B

    We normally install the 3/8" feed line to the bottom of the fuel tank where the drain plug is. Then use the original feed line for the return. Here is the valve you will need when getting ready to make the conversion: Dual Tank Switch, Switch Valve and Pigtail for Fuel Injection We also sell...
  10. ihpartsjeff

    FA15 Tie Rod Ends

    Have you checked with our parts department? We may not list them, but should be able to get replacements. 530-274-1795 or email sales@ihpartsamerica.com.
  11. ihpartsjeff

    C-series Parts Wanted- 1965 D1100 swb

    We are all in this together. Lol. Still learning myself and seeing what all didn't go well with the transition.
  12. ihpartsjeff

    IHC Vehicle Distributor Identification

    To confirm, it is a Holley curved point as Robert mentioned.
  13. ihpartsjeff

    Scout 80 Hood and Doors

    Have you tried contacting our parts department? We are not far from you in Grass Valley and can ship. Call 530-274-1795 or email sales@ihpartsamerica.com for pricing and availability.
  14. ihpartsjeff

    COVID-19 UPDATE - Monday, March 23

    To All Our Customers - We are Open for Business! As a business essential to keeping vehicles on the road, we will be here taking orders and getting them out the door to you to keep your old iron running. As long as the delivery trucks (UPS, USPS, FedEx) continue operating, so will we. These are...
  15. ihpartsjeff

    14th Annual IH Sierra Fall Rallye

    The 14th annual IH Sierra Fall Rallye will once again be held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA on October 9th-11th, 2020. This year will be same as last in where we are located within the grounds. The games will be held in the same area over in the grass and the vehicle line...
  16. ihpartsjeff

    Anybody Know a Kevin Martinez from San Bruno?

    If anyone knows this guy please pm/email/call me. Thanks!
  17. ihpartsjeff


    We are just finding out about this. For those that have not heard, long time IH supporter, founding member of BABS and friend Daved DOC Stewart has passed away. He turned 76 November 24 and passed a few days later on November 29. Many of us in the IH community have lost a friend and a wealth of...
  18. ihpartsjeff


    Purchase Link - Redcat Gen8 Scout II Axe Edition PRODUCT FEATURES: The Redcat International® Scout II Gen8 AXE Edition is the world's first Ready to Run (RTR) scale crawler with a brushless motor & ESC. Includes a HobbyWing XERUN sensored AXE system including a brushless motor and ESC...
  19. ihpartsjeff

    2019 IH Black & Red Sale is On!

    You've been waiting all year for it, and now it's here. The IH Parts America IH Black & Red Sale!!!! Starting today, Monday November 25th through Monday December 2nd, some of our most popular and desirable products are on sale at huge savings! This is our biggest sale of the year so don't miss...
  20. ihpartsjeff

    CPT Power Steering Conversion Kit for 1969-71 Scout 800A & 800B

    CPT Power Steering Conversion Kit for 1969-71 Scout 800A & 800B The most complete power steering conversion out there. We spent a lot of time developing and testing this kit to make sure it was perfect. Includes everything needed to convert to power steering(except fluid not included)...