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ASmith604 12-16-2017 12:56 PM

Request For Assistance - Identifying Wheel Cylinder
Hey there fellow binderfolk! I've come across an issue with my truck and have hit a dead end in trying to identify a blown out wheel cylinder, hopefully someone more experienced can point me in the right direction. As per the sticky, I've filled out the prereqs to the best of my ability.

1) 1100
2) 1965 grill, but 1967 badges. "1000C". Has a dealer tag of "H.J. Mader" from Saskatchewan.
3) 2 Wheel Drive
4) 3 speed standard transmission
5) NA
6) B-264
7) Unknown
8) Gas
9) 4 wheel drum, 11x2.25 front shoe
10) Unknown

The wheel cylinder is a 1-1/8 bore dual piston, two-bolt style mount with a casting number of "2319". Attempts to cross reference this number have all been fruitless. In my search for information, I've come across two other owners with the exact same issue, neither of whom appeared able to find a solution. This unit is damaged irreparably and rebuilding is not an option.

When comparing the old cylinder to equivalents in part listings, everything else has a larger mounting "circle" on the back side and doesn't fit the cylinder. Listed jobber cylinders are identical to the mystery unit aside from this mounting incompatibility.

Past the immediate concern of lacking functioning brakes, I'm curious if I've inherited someone else's jimmy-rigging, or if this is an undocumented variation. As both the other records of this part issue I've found also come out of up here in Canada, perhaps this is something unique to binders built for north of the border?

Scoutboy74 12-16-2017 02:54 PM

Re: Request For Assistance - Identifying Wheel Cylinder
Nearly anything is possible with IHC. What are your rear axle brake shoe dimensions? Do you happen to have a legible copy of the line setting ticket? I suggest posting some pics of your wheel cylinders, including one with a tape measure nearby to show approximate size of your mounting circle. As a last resort, I'm wondering if you might be able to carefully machine out the mounting holes on your backing plates with a roto tool to accommodate the more readily available wheel cylinders?

Greg R 12-18-2017 03:53 PM

Re: Request For Assistance - Identifying Wheel Cylinder
Talk to the IHParts America folks that support this site. Send them a photo. As this forum just blogs and is supported by IHPA, we really cannot recommend other vendors. They have resources and parts not listed on their website, so an email or phone call is your best bet. I have a 1967 1100, and brake parts were not too difficult to track down. Casting numbers are many times not relevant, but year/make/model/platform are.

You can also ask folks over at Binder Planet to widen your search.

darren y 12-19-2017 05:24 PM

Re: Request For Assistance - Identifying Wheel Cylinder

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