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kvp 12-01-2013 09:17 PM

safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Hello this is my first post. So here it gose. The begining of 2013 my wife told me she wanted to get an off road rig that the top can come off. She likes open air off roading. I was looking at jeeps, had jeeps for a long time. Then a friend asked if I would like a Scout to change things up. Being my uncle had a 1968 Scout 800a 266 when I was really yung then had to get rid of it do to vandels I said sure. The wife was not sure at first but who could blame her. It was ruff when we got it. The previous owner had got it and was going to make it a mudder... I wanted a slightly lifted Scout that could go everywere I went in my Jeep with no issues. I wanted to keep it Scout but also wanted to up date it with things like power steering and boosted brakes disk brakes and fused/relayed wiring.
Like I stated the Scout was ruff. The previous owner (po) had cut one fender well out in the front trail clearanced the other three. Had installed a crappy rear shackle hack job reversal. He placed the rig on 2 inch blocks with five inch shackles up front and a home made block and 10 inch shackles out back. All on two inch springs. The rig did not come with factory axles but did come with two sets of full width Chevy 1 ton rear 8 lug axles and 3/4 ton front 8 lug axles. The wires were all disconnected and they were messed up by the po. The po also had cut fuel lines and installed a electric fuel pump. He also replaced the carb with a Holley 4412-2 500cfm carb. A new rebuilt distributor.

I know I am going to catch flack for using none IH parts but the point of this rig was to make a off road rig for a decent price that could hang with my friends and family off road...

I fixed some miner problems with the rig as in rebuilding latches. Body mounts. The suspension, running gear(with what I had)
fixing some holes in the body, upgrading some things, rebuilt others. This is the list of some of the things changed.

Radiator hose lower 1988-1994 Ford 7.3l diesel
front & rear springs 1987-95 wrangler 6cyl
spring over axle
shackle reversal kit
brakes hydroboost 1993 Chevy 1ton
front and back hard line 1995 Jeep cherokee non abs
rear soft line 1995 Jeep cherokee
rear axle lines 1989 Jeep cherokee
front soft lines 1985 Chevy c 30 up 36957 36952
brake proportioning valve 1995 Jeep cherokee disk/drum
axles front 1974 Chevy 3/4 ton dana44 8
lug disk 4.10:1 1310 ujoint
rear 1970 Chevy 1ton eaton ho75
drum 4.10:1 1410 ujoint
steering colom 1989 cherokee
fuse/relay box 1994 Jeep grand cherokee
main power cables 1996 bmw 3 series
power box 1996 bmw 3 series
altinator 1975 Scout II si10 single wire
power steering 1993 Chevy 1ton hydroboost
power steering box 1999-2004 Jeep grand cherokee
e brake handle 1989 cherokee
electric fan 1989 Jeep cherokee
gas pedal & linkage 1989 Jeep cherokee
seats 1990s toyota
power steering cooler 1996 Jeep grand cherokee trans cooler
duraspark mag distributor with hei control module and Jeep coil.
New gauges
twin stick un married Dana 20 transfercase.
Side fuel ports frenched in saddle tanks removed. Rear centered take with fuel cap below license plate light.
Electric fuel pump
Holley fuel pressure regulator

Holley 4412 rebuild kit I set it up like this. 59 jets, 30cc accelerator pump, custom ground acc. Pump cam. Throttle blade holes filled, 6.5 power valve manual choke. After doing research on your this sight I got the dwell, plugs, timing, and carb tunned right it runs like a champ now.

I built a custom front bumper and am working on a rear, still have to build good roll bar, rear tank (using just driver side factory for now) some rock rails with step. And fix wipers.

This build had a lot involved but to much to type. Here are some pics of before, after, and on its first outing to test and tune. (sand lake oregon)
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kvp 12-01-2013 09:24 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Here are the first outing pics
Attachment 23335

Attachment 23336

Attachment 23337

Attachment 23338

Attachment 23339

Attachment 23340

Attachment 23341

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IHRunner 12-02-2013 04:09 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
You wont catch crap here unless you ask for it. And you got my vote with the sv8. Its a good looking rig and its not a j**p. You took time. Made it the way you wanted it. And no one can take that away. Congrats on a good looking rig. And welcome to club IHPA.

Also if you do feel the urge to catch flack just say jeeps rule. Id be happy to make you feel more welcome lol

kvp 12-02-2013 07:09 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
Thank you for the compliments. My goal is to keep it Scout power train till gives the gost. Which according to the po should be a while the motor was rebuilt when he got it (so he sais) it runs strong like was but who know?
The jeeps rule thing its hard cause I have several of them... Thay are all considered out casts by the hard core wrangler/cj groups. So being on the out side is looking in is ok with me. :prrr:
I could not pass up a Scout. To rub it in on the wrangler/cj groups..

1989 Jeep comanche 4.0l 5sd 2wd sold
1992 Jeep cherokee 4.0l auto 4x4 lots modified:out:
2007 Jeep grandcherokee srt8 stock exept for hitch.:d

kvp 12-02-2013 07:27 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Some more photos two just after a rolling set of tires and pressure wash.
Then some inside and engine bay shots

FDChappie 12-03-2013 10:07 AM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
When, not if, you change the valve cover gaskets, swapping the valve covers to the opposite sides will put your filler in a much more convenient location. Valve cover gaskets just seem to be a regular maintenance item on the sv motors.

kvp 12-04-2013 01:15 AM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
I was thinking abotu some one on a forum somewhere said that.
The last thing the po did was oilpan and valve cover gaskets.
This summer I probably will do valve cover gaskets, exhaustgaskets.. Also paint the motor. Then I am going to do a twin stick modification to transfer case as well.

kvp 12-16-2013 07:35 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Here are some more close up photos of the Scout

kvp 12-16-2013 07:38 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Here are some of the steering and underneath.

Scoutboy74 12-16-2013 09:03 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
Its a good looking Scout with some nice modifications. I have to ask about the tags though...tru pms...does that mean what I think it means?

kvp 12-22-2013 06:08 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
One of the rigs that we were dismantling had the set of those in the trunk... Well the rig is for the wife to use to fallow me and others where ever. She thought that she would name it smurffette. And well with all the rusty bolts and knuckle busting that we have done she thought it fits. Those were on for pics only.

vancetater 02-18-2014 02:52 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
Sweet lil ride ya got there. If I was to run a 44 I would break it. My lil guy needs some strength for my heavy foot.

kvp 02-19-2014 01:47 AM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
Yah with the ih304, and 35s I dont think it would be to bad. But if I do any type of swap I will be looking for a Dana 60. The long time away future is a 5.3l vortec nv4500 nv241 and Ford Dana hp60.

kvp 08-28-2014 11:58 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
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Here is a few new photos of the Scout.

1970binder 11-13-2014 06:50 PM

Re: safty blue 1969 scout800a 304
Too funny... I owned this Scout up until 1998. The gold motor was a dead give away. The crease in the passenger door was from getting winched out into an abandoned delta 88. Sorry about the fender. I was in the process of building fender flares when I left for boot camp and sold it quick fast and in a hurry. Looks much better than when I owned it.

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