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Tonka Toy 08-31-2015 12:02 AM

D series GM spring/axle swap questions
I've read a ton of stuff on the internet about how this is done. Well folks, I think that it's time we put the final touches to this for a how to guide. My 72 1110 is getting upgraded. New GM 14 bolt ff axle, with k20 springs. I want to start with the rear, since it's what I'm trying to do first. The plan for this truck is not to make a huge monster out of it. I want my short legged wife to not complain about how hard it is to get in, etc. I want to run a 33" tire. Can someone tell me how much spring rate and lift I would need? I also want to eliminate the lift blocks.


Jeff easterbrook

Tonka Toy 11-11-2015 04:55 AM

Re: D series GM spring/axle swap questions

After about 3 months in the garage, and far too much trial and error, I have a functioning truck again! Yay!!! But we're not quite out of the woods yet, as they say. In regards to the original posting, the GM stock leafs for a 73-80 GM truck are rather flat. (81 and up springs are longer on the top leaf. Buyer beware :icon_wink:) I had to use a 2.5" lift block to get the truck to sit right. The goal tire diameter is 33". I hear that the stock d series can run those on stock springs. Well, those stock springs much have a bit more arch in them than the GM springs. Because right now I have 33's under the back, and the 2.5" lift block. And I have 3/4 ton IH front springs with about 1" lift built into them, holding up the front, with 31" tires on the original d44. and the truck sits level! :confused5:

after going back to the local spring shop, and going over what I really wanted, they suggested to decide on the amount of lift that I want and bring the springs in for rearching. This is where we get back to a similar question to the original one. I have to replace the front mounts on the front springs, as they're damaged. The IHPA new front mount kit should do, but I have to go to to the GM springs to make it work. So, up front the goal is GM springs and GM Dana 44, for obvious reasons. I see that they installed 4" lifted springs on the IHPA big blue buildup. If I put stock arch springs up front, will my truck sit level?

Thanks! 😎👍

PacificEd 02-19-2016 11:42 AM

Re: D series GM spring/axle swap questions
What rear springs did you use? It sounds like stock with a 2.5" block.

I've always heard that a 4" Chevy kit will net half that amount on an IH truck.

JAYSON 04-08-2017 09:12 AM

Re: D series GM spring/axle swap questions
Bump anybody know the stock d series spring specs or measurements front and rear?

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