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bustedknuckles 10-13-2017 04:33 PM

1980 Scout II swap from diesel to gas
1) International Scout II
2) 1980
3) Four wheel drive
4)Wide ratio T-19 and Dana 300
5) Dana 44 front and rear
6) SD33T

I just purchased a 1980 Scout II in the best shape I could find. No rust in the rockers or fender wells. Factory "School Bus Yellow" paint. I drove it from outside Reno, NV to Meridian, ID. Shortly after hitting the road the SD33T began to overheat under load and I began to lose coolant with no discernible leaks. Managed to get her home and now she won't start at all. I assume blown head gasket and have decided to go from diesel to gas, Prolly an IH 345. Sorry to all the diesel lovers. My request for info concerns the swap itself. What will i need?

Bell Housing? or will the one in the truck mate with a 345?

I assume I'll need the motor side portion of the mount but will the mounts on the frame accept the 345 mounts?

And what would be involved in swapping in a SBC 350? I only ask because I can't seem to readily find an IH engine and the rebuild cost seems quite high.

Thanks everyone, Matt

Also, if anyone wants the SD33T, it seemed to run ok until it began to overheat, and I'd be in the market to trade for an IH 345.

bustedknuckles 10-13-2017 09:09 PM

Re: 1980 Scout II swap from diesel to gas
Update: Found a 345 out of a 67 Scout that still has mounts on it and comes with a manual trans. Owner does not know the trans code but I'm under the impression that the 67 only came with the T-18 or T-19, so this should bolt up and drop in, right?

blue smoke 05-24-2018 07:45 AM

Re: 1980 Scout II swap from diesel to gas
Not quite. The rear transmission mount will need to be relocated forward. I am not quite sure of the mounts for a67 scout. But I do know that the 67 did not have a 345 from the factory.also the tranny would be a t18 IF it is the original tranny that came with the 67

bustedknuckles 05-24-2018 08:53 PM

Re: 1980 Scout II swap from diesel to gas
Man, thanks for the reply. I didnít think anyone ever read my original post. My intention is to use the 345 and bell housing I obtained and stick it on the manual transmission already in the truck.

I think my line setting sheet says T427 which I understand to be the wide ratio T-19. So mate that to the bell housing from the swap I obtained, and mate it to the 345. Im sure Iíll have to get a clutch and flywheel. Iím gonna go FI and 1980 is emissions exempt in Idaho anyway.

The gear ratio is listed as 3.54, do you know how thatíd do with the 345?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

Hondo 05-25-2018 06:28 AM

Re: 1980 Scout II swap from diesel to gas
With the wide T19s 6.32:1 first gear, the 3.54s will do fine for everything except extreme rock crawling, and they will also make freeway driving more bearable. If you go with anything larger than 33 inch tires, you will probably want to go with some lower gears. You can also install a 4:1 Terra Low gear set in the D300 sometime in the future if you want to crawl. I have 3.54s with a 258 and 33s, and I will be going a little lower (3.92s or 4.10s) for towing an offroad trailer.

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