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Michael Mayben 10-18-2008 12:29 PM

Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
As announced at the last IHSTO club meeting and at the IH Sierra Fall Rallye on oct. 10, the 5th annual edition of the Great Western Binder Bee will commence on July 10, 2009. The event will conclude on July 12.

Many sponsors have committed for supporting the event and they will be announced as soon as all are on board!

The theme for the 2009 edition will be announced soon in this thread, along with the logo.

Venue as always will be western antique powerland in brooks, or, right off I-5. Powerland is on the grow and we should see quite a bit of activity regarding some new museums and displays for next season. Stay on top of powerland-related activities here:

welcome to antique powerland

The powerland website will be updated with the 2009 calendar of events soon.

For current information regarding Binder Bee as it develops, monitor this forum. And also visit:

IHSTO main page

For the most up-to-date bee info, along with an opportunity to look back at Binder Bee events from years past.

If ya need any bee-related info before we can get all the detail posted here, feel free to contact me at:


Or at the "official" Binder Bee 2009 email addy:


Which is monitored twice a day currently.

Michael Mayben 01-20-2009 09:17 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
January 21, 2009

International Harvester scouts and trucks of oregon (IHSTO) announces the premier International Harvester enthusiast event in the western united states for 2009.

The Great Western Binder Bee 2009 edition is set for July 10 thru 12. As always, the venue will be western antique powerland in brooks, oregon. This is the fifth year for this event to be hosted by western antique power, inc. Along with powerland-affiliated member organizations.

The theme selected for the 2009 event will be:

“International Harvester ...keeps oregon moving"

displays will showcase the contributions that IH products have made to the industrial, agricultural, transportation, and recreational industries prevalent in the northwestern united states. This is a particularly appropriate focus as we are also celebrating the oregon statehood sesquicentennial this year.

The featured vehicle for this year’s event will be kept under wraps until the show opens to the public and be showcased in "vendor village", the hub of Binder Bee activities.

As always, the International Harvester kb 8 log rig will be available for viewing in the permanent collection of the pacific northwest truck museum, located on the grounds of antique powerland. This vehicle is fully functional and maintained by members of IHSTO under the direction of truck museum personnel.

Friday, July 10 is slated as vendor set-up and show participant move-in and meet and greet. In the best IHSTO tradition, we'll host a potluck dinner in the rv camping area for all registrants at 6pm.

A full schedule of participant meet and greet, show and shine, children’s activities, a parade of power of many show vehicles, and a catered participant barbecue dinner and raffle will fill Saturday’s agenda.

A long-standing tradition for the Binder Bee is the outstanding fare made available by the maguire brothers under the "shorty's boys texas bbq" banner! The boys will cater the Saturday evening raffle and awards presentation just like always!

IH vehicles and IH-related products will be on display throughout the weekend and a judging team will select the outstanding display examples for awards, highlighted by the ernie bisio award which honors oregon’s own ernie bisio who is a living legend in the International Harvester world!

Sunday, July 13 activities will include a trail ride for off road-capable vehicles led by the IHSTO trail boss, a continuation of the show and shine, and show participant visitation.

“vendor village” will include many specialty parts and service providers who are major supporters of International Harvester enthusiasts and end users around the country. Many other regional IH organizations will be in attendance representing agricultural machinery, construction equipment, household appliances, and stationary engines and equipment.

Response to "kidz zone" last year was overwhelming! So that activity will be expanded as more and more families spend their recreational time with us enjoying old iron. We now have children participating who have literally grown up having fun at the bee and have adopted willow creek railway as their own special place to hang out.

And check out all the attractions presented by the many powerland member organizations which are available to visitors during the bee. No way you can miss the oregon electric railway, the brooks depot museum, or the steam-powered saw mill operation! Check the powerland website, it's currently undergoing update for 2009 activities:

welcome to antique powerland

Plenty of camping space will be available along with accommodations for rv parking with water and electricity (no sewage hookups though). The campground will be available for Thursday afternoon (July 9) arrival if appropriate reservations are made in advance.

For additional information, registration packet, and an up-to-date schedule of events, contact International scouts and trucks of oregon/michael mayben at (510) 501-3680 or email: rodelizrd@gmail.com

Take time to visit the IHSTO organization website for updates regarding Binder Bee activities:

IHSTO main page

You will soon find a new look to the website, we're almost ready to show it off!

Michael Mayben 04-08-2009 06:10 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
Registration information will be emailed to all former/current Binder Bee participants for whom we have an email address by April 15. For those who we do not have an email addy for, we will snailmail a registration package.

And a registration form in .pdf format will be posted here as well, download and mail to the address printed on the form.

Antique powerland has undergone (and continues to undergo) some major changes in the facility and business operations. For Binder Bee 2009, powerland will handle all camping reservations and related activities directly from their office. So if either rv reservations or dry camping reservations are needed for Binder Bee, please contact powerland directly at:

(503) 393-2424

information regarding powerland in general, steam-up 2009, and hotel/motel accommodations in the local area May be found on their website:

antique powerland home page

Michael Mayben 04-11-2009 09:02 AM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
please let me reinforce the camping reservation changes for Binder Bee 2009!

"for participants desiring to reserve a camping space at powerland for the Great Western Binder Bee 2009, reservations must be made directly with powerland management. This includes both reservations for rv spaces and dry camping spaces. IHSTO/Binder Bee organizers will no longer be able to make camping arrangements through Binder Bee registration as in year's past.

Currently, it's not possible to make camping reservations on line with powerland. For camping reservations and other information regarding the powerland facilities, please contact powerland management staff by phone... (503) 393-2424 or by email...apmaoffice@eschelon.com.

Reservations for rv spaces should be made as early as possible due to the limited number of electrical hookups available."

Michael Mayben 04-14-2009 10:26 AM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
1 Attachment(s)
Here's the general layout for Binder Bee 2009.

Chapter 30 of International Harvester collector's club will be joining us again this year, so the vehicle display area has been enlarged. So anyone that wants a spot under the trees/in the shade needs to check in early on Friday morning!

Michael Mayben 04-17-2009 07:19 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
1 Attachment(s)
Distribution of Binder Bee registration packages will begin 4/18/09. If we have an email address for past participants or current club members, then you will receive an emailed registration package. If we do not have a email address for ya, you will receive a snailmail version.

Attached is a downloadable .pdf of the 2009 registration package. Print it off and mail it asap to take advantage of the "early bird" discounts offered.

Just thirty minutes ago, our new club website went live:

IHSTO home

All the Binder Bee info will be updated on the new website in the next few days.

Michael Mayben 04-21-2009 07:36 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
Today we received our first official Binder Bee 2009 registration!!!!

Thank to to richard johnson, who is still driving the beautifully restored Scout II he bought new from ernie bisio and resulted in a longterm personal friendship between those two dudes and ron rawls!

And a special thank you to richard as a participating sponsor of Binder Bee, richard does all our printing for us...he gets paper out to us much faster than "while-you-wait" at kinko's!!!

Michael Mayben 05-04-2009 01:05 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
And now Jeff and Todd have the Binder Bee ad flying in rotation here on the forum!!!

Thanks boyz for ironing that leetle deetale out!

ihpartsjeff 05-04-2009 03:22 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition

Originally Posted by michael mayben (Post 14486)
and now Jeff and Todd have the Binder Bee ad flying in rotation here on the forum!!!

Thanks boyz for ironing that leetle deetale out!

Yeah its working! I screwed around with it earlier today and didn't get anywhere. Apparently I did and it took some time to get the banner flying.:icon_up:

Michael Mayben 05-12-2009 07:48 AM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
In keeping with our theme for Binder Bee 2009 and powerland's focus leading up to steam-up 2009, we though some of ya might be interested in the project which is the subject of this link:

oregon at work

Michael Mayben 06-13-2009 08:55 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
The sponsors for Binder Bee 2009 are all on board:

1) richard johnson/anders printing

2) Jeff bade/binder planet

3) creed brattain/brattain International trucks, inc.

4) Jeff Ismail/International Harvester only of northern California

5) randy raschein/farmland tractor

6) Mike fiock/mr. Scout

7) cyndi satterland haider/binder books

8) rick glancy-John Glancy/Super Scout Specialists, inc.

A big "thank you" to all our sponsors for once again supporting the bee and IHSTO.

The tee shirt art went to the supplier today, we're one step closer to show time!

Michael Mayben 06-20-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
We've been receiving inquiries regarding the traditional IHSTO Binder Bee trail run. So here's the details which will be included in your registration package:

Binder Bee 2009 trail ride

all participants must register at the IHSTO booth located in vendor village. The registration sheet will also be avaiable the morning of the trail ride.

Registered participants meet IHSTO trail boss team at 7am Sunday, July 12 in the parking lot in front of the secured entrance to powerland. Trailers May be dropped and parked there if they are secured.

Road drive to the gales creek shell station on hwy 6. Meet there at approximatley 8:45-9:00am. Pickup any stragglers. Re-fuel if needed.

Depart gales creek shell at 9am and head to tillamook state forest. Parking/staging at roger's camp trailhead at 9:30am.

Wheel until lunch break is called, bring your own grub for a lunch on the trail.

Continue wheeling and end up back at trailhead at 4pm'ish +.

Return home or back to powerland before dark...dark around here is 9pm +/-.

All fully operating IH 4x4's welcome -- all skill levels will find something fun.

Same basic requirements as all IHSTO runs past in the past. Spare, first aid kit, food, water, cb, tools, yada, yada, yada...

The trail will be a loop of a good cross section of brown's camp trails. Some you May have run, some you May have not run.

Easy bypasses for all the hard obstacles.

Have fun/be safe!

By the time the group returns to powerland on Sunday evening, Binder Bee 2009 will have been wrapped up (show ends at 2pm on Sunday). If you desire to remain on the powerland grounds Sunday evening, arrangements must be made in advance with powerland facility management.

Michael Mayben 06-21-2009 04:30 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
1 Attachment(s)
Binder Bee news flash!!!

We've just confirmed that the northwest vintage car and motorcycle museum folks located at powerland will be hosting their 2nd annual swap meet on Sunday, July 12 on their property adjacent to the texaco station!

They will also have a bbq for their members Saturday the 11th, after the swap meet setup is completed. This will be going on while the Binder Bee bbq, awards, and raffle is under way.

So plan to mingle with the vintage car and motorcycle folks, we're sure to have much in common!

For more information visit their website:

northwest vintage car and motorcycle museum

Here's scan of the vintage car folks flyer for their swap meet.

Keep in mind...IHSTO is not charging an admission fee to powerland this year for the first time!!! The Binder Bee is free to the public. And in year's past, the grounds admission fee for Binder Bee went to powerland to defray their operating costs, IHSTO/Binder Bee received no financial support from the powerland grounds admission charge.

There will be a fee however to participate in the vintage folks swap meet collected by their group.

Michael Mayben 06-27-2009 07:41 AM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
Did somebody say sumthin' about a really "short bus" beein' on it's way to tha bee????

Scoutboy74 06-30-2009 06:28 PM

Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition
Well, hide yer women and yer sheep...speshullee the ones what got purdy mouths an' sech. It looks like the fwbeez will be makin' the pilgrumijj north in mass tuh do sum sociabullizin'. I wouldn't be surprised if that ol' salty sea dog name uh sailor jerry doesn't try tuh stow hiz self away somewheres. We gots spaces reserved fer the teepees. I hear it's sposed tuh be nice an cool fer outdoor sleepin' satidy night. Lukin' forward to it.

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