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Colo1100B 05-15-2015 07:57 PM

1967 Travelall "Hornet"
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So, diving into my first build of any sort, starting with a 1967 Travelall (1100b) 345 v8. Waiting on the LST for more specifics but has been parked since 1993. Was used as a volunteer fire department response vehicle. Engines turns over, fuel tanks need attention, carb likely needs attention, tires and wheels need love, clutch is mediocre at best, interior needs a thorough run through. (nicknamed the hornet for its yellow color and 5 hornets nests in the interior :icon_eek: ) been out of town almost entirely since I bought it, so am now able to get started on it. Forgive the acorns and nuts on the motor, still have lots of cleaning to do!! Looking forward to getting the hornet buzzing!

5-15-15 changed oil, filter, replaced battery. Engine cranks and starts with fuel directly added to carb. Next step- drop fuel tanks, flush cooling system, replace belt. Replace spark plugs. Sounds like a great Saturday! Hope the weather holds up!!

Colo1100B 05-17-2015 08:59 AM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
So, got the drivers side fuel tank off yesterday, and the 8 gallons of fuel that has been in it since at least 2001... Lets just say I have never seen gasoline this color. Also got the electric fuel pump cleaned up a little bit, still needs some work though. Got it running, idling today!! Sounds like a lifter on the passenger side is loose, so thatll be addressed after ordering some new gaskets. Also found out the clutch is shot :icon_redface: clutch replacement is something that is out of my realistic realm, so looks like ill be calling a buddy with a shop to see if I can get him to help me out. Felt like I was so close, but now cant do anything until the clutch is fixed...

FDChappie 05-18-2015 08:34 AM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Describe "shot". Sometimes things can be done without tearing it apart.

Colo1100B 05-18-2015 04:13 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Chappie the rescue again?!?! Love this guy! It is more of a grind than a rub, too deep to be a shriek. I called in a favor to my mechanic this morning, he is going to swing by the house on Thursday and have a look/listen for me. (I think his ulterior motive is to see how rough it is before he lets me take it to his shop ;) ) more to come then, unless there is a way I can be more specific?? It only makes the noise from about 50% through 100% of the throw.

FDChappie 05-18-2015 05:48 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
So it happens when you are pressing the pedal, in neural, from 50-100 travel. That would most likely be the throughout bearing. Remove the inspection cover and pump a few shots of grease in the collar the bearing rides on. That might quiet it down for a few thousand miles.

Colo1100B 05-21-2015 05:40 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
So, looks like I jumped the gun on calling the clutch "shot"... Mechanic rob came over and after 5 minutes of ridicule, he admitted the vehicle fit me perfectly :p last weekend I made a half ass attempt at bleeding it and looking back on it now, it was a total waste of time and energy. So the clutch is engaging, but only barely. None the less, we were able to get it into gear with a lot of left leg pump, but I think with a real bleed it should improve greatly. Then it will be running and driving. Still need to figure out tires, thinking about trying to find some "craigslist specials" just to get a non cracked set for the time being. This weekend list is considering an attempt at reupholstering the front seat... Not sure if ill be getting in over my head or not, whats the worst that happens?!? Replacing the drive belt is on the radar (has power steering, but not hooked up, could be cool) some hoses need attention, and if I could get it down to the carwash, that would feel like a huge victory. Need to drop the gas tank of at the radiator shop. Progress!!! More to come.

Colo1100B 05-22-2015 06:51 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Well, was excited for the 3 day weekend so got home and in only 1 beer time I had the front seat out of the hornet and in the front yard. Pulled everything apart down to the frame. Think I have a plan of attack but ill know more tomorrow. Suppose to rain all weekend so could be a good time to hang in the garage and work on the seats.

Colo1100B 05-25-2015 05:43 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Another weekend for the books. Apparently im awesome at starting new/different projects on the hornet and not so awesome at finishing them. Simple mind, gets distracted easily. So today I pulled off the tail gate cover and tried to figure out why the rear window wont roll down. It was pretty obvious that the wiring is in shambles, so add that to the list... The motor appears to be in running condition, but I need to bench test it to be 100%. It is also covered in grease probably almost 2x my age :d also got my attempted reupholstering done on the driver bench seat, backrest still to come. It turned out... Interesting. But I think it will work. Still need to figure out the clutch and tires sometime soonish.

Colo1100B 06-03-2015 05:50 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Changed out the clutch slave and adjusted the pedal push rod. Drove it for the first time yesterday!! Felt like a kid at Christmas :icon_heart: now need to get reliable tires and address a lifter noise coming from the passenger side. Have the new seals but dont think ill have time to work on it this weekend. More to come as it happens. Also got the mor-15 gas tank kit, so will hopefully be able to get it cleaned out and resealed soon.

Colo1100B 06-14-2015 04:12 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
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Took some time this weekend to clean off the glue/grease from the rear window gears. Looks like the "pin" holding the 3 main pieces together is partially broken which is causing the gears to sit crooked and rub things they shouldnt. The pics below will show the broken edge of the pin and how the gears are currently sitting. So thats another curveball ill have to figure out down the road. Also took more time to agitate the fuel tank with some rocks and gas and tried to get it cleaned out as much as possible. Also drained and refilled both diffs. Front was bad!! Almost a gray color fluid with what looked like clumps coming plopping out. Ran my fingers through them and couldnt feel anything solid in the drained liquid. Also pulled off all the radiator hoses, and am waiting for them to come to the local shop along with a new drive belt. Pretty productive weekend, but still feels like there is a ton to do.

Colo1100B 08-23-2015 03:45 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Been awhile since an update, so, here's where I'm at... Reinstalled the driver side fuel tank, replaced all fuel line from that tank to the selector, and all hoses from the selector. Added a 2nd inline filter between the selector and electric fuel pump. Other filter is between fuel pump and carb. Went to add gas to it today, without fail the filler hose is rotted. 2 of those on order as well as new seals.(thanks Jeff!) been looking into a manual option for the rear window, anyone have success stories or guidance with this type of conversion?? Also, mentioned it another thread but got new tires for the hornet, really want to get it running and driving with a distance further than 1 gallon at a time!! Hopefully will find time this week!

Colo1100B 02-18-2018 07:48 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
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Wow, depressing to see the last time I updated anything on this was Aug. 2015! Needless to say, a lot has happened since then, (Thank God) most of it good, but none of it easy. :icon_stare:

Worked with mechanic Rob, who wanted nothing to do with it and through a stroke of luck, convinced him to look it over and prioritize its needs.

Long story short, he wasn't confident in the original motor, constant smoking, lifter noise, and his refusal to rebuild. I made quite a few trips to Coonrod, and came across a 345 he already had pulled, and he was confident in without knowing much about it... Turned out to be a gem. From what we can see, it was rebuilt, and the cylinders appear to be in great shape! (Photos included).

Because Mechanic Rob didnt want anything to do with it in the first place, I couldn't push him for time, it was a side project, but trusting him, I was good with it.

Next Curveball came when we flipped the two motors, the oil pump assembly/pans were different. (Photo included) but the "new" one barely fit. (I think the "new" motor is a newer IH 345, if anyone can identify the different Pans, that would be AWESOME!) Clearance to the pumpkin with the new motor is REALLY close, so now Im working on suspension options to give some cushion while also updating the 50 year old original springs.

While the motor was out, we turned the flywheel and installed a new 12" clutch kit, new carb, New plugs, wires, mech fuel pump, water pump, and had a local shop do manifold back exhaust.

Also found a local legit radiator shop to boil and seal one of the fuel tanks.

Hornet is now registered, starts right up, sounds great, but is only being driven a limited amount, due to the closeness of oil pan and pumpkin.

Top of priority list are: rear window mechanism, windshield, and rear curved glass. Any leads or information would be great! I am back to being excited about this build, so I expect to have more to post sooner than later, but still a lot of work to be done!

1975IH200 02-18-2018 11:04 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
The "new" engine was pulled from a Scout chassis. That is why the oil pump and oil pan are different. They are like that to clear the front axle on a Scout.

Simply rebuild the 'old' oil pump and install it and the old oil pan onto your "new" engine.

BinderLite 03-01-2018 05:25 AM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
[QUOTE=Colo1100B;90703]Wow, depressing to see the last time I updated anything on this was Aug. 2015! Needless to say, a lot has happened since then, (Thank God) most of it good, but none of it easy. :icon_stare:

Donít wait 2.5 years to update again! :icon_rotate:

Colo1100B 03-04-2018 05:32 PM

Re: 1967 Travelall "Hornet"
Quick Update:
Ordered custom springs from Alcan mid Feb. Asked for +4" from factory, with a little extra weight in the back, mostly cause I'm not 100% sure what this vehicle will turn into. Once they are, the Hornet will start seeing more drive time, and the next priorities will likely move to the interior.

Would love to find a manual crank setup for the tailgate window. Need to do some cutting/patching on the passenger floorboards, replace the rear cargo deck, might try to find something unique to add there.

Still on the search for curved glass.

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