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  1. Mario
    06-02-2017 01:35 PM
    Hello Michael:

    I have a 1963 Scout 80. It has the Delco dizzy. The engine is rebuilt and the Scout restored. Completely stock except that I put on a Pertronix Ignitor. I dialed it all in about two month ago with the new carb. After driving on bumpy dirt road I stopped and it would not start back up. I burned out the old starter trying and had to tow it home. I put in new starter and it cranks beautifully but still will not start. It tries to start at the end of the crank but will not catch. I put a new coil in and it is the same. With a test lamp I have power at coil + when koeo and koec. Yet when I take the main coil wire off the distributor and place a 1/4" from engine, I only get spark at the beginning and end of crank? If I crank for 15 seconds it will not spark again until you let off. Distributor? Ignition switch?
  2. Mark Stevens
    01-01-2017 06:22 PM
    Mark Stevens
    Michael, read the entire thread on the 1904's. Saw you might have some scrap parts. I need a throttle shaft for a 1963 C1100 with 2 15/16 carburetor mounting bolts. I have 2 spare 1904's to trade parts out of and/or I'm certainly willing to pay for the part too! Short of purchasing a Daytona Universal or a Tomco 1-153, I don't seem to have any options!
  3. Sancho Verde
    07-20-2016 11:37 AM
    Sancho Verde
    Michael, Hi, this is Corey Green from Terlingua, George Womack's friend, hey man I was looking for carb float answer and your name was in the thread! imagine that! I signed up yesterday.
    Had a Bad few years, hope yers were better. George is in Colorado. Don't see him as much new girlfriend... Bummer.
    So I have a tech/availability question.
    Have a friend who can rebuild the 2210 Holley on my Orange , '73-345.
    Got kit need Float! Do you have a source that can get me one by this Friday?
    Napa, AutoZone, claim not in stock got to order. Any help much appreciated, email me at,
    knowthecrow@gmail.com, then I can bring you up to speed!
    SeeYa, Sancho
  4. scout2000
    02-16-2016 09:20 AM
    Hello Michael,

    I was just poking around the forum and came across your "Uncle Ed" thread here.


    It just seems to end abruptly, mid restoration in 2010. Wondering what is the status of this vehicle?

    Did the restoration continue somewhere else?

    The read up til things stopped was great and very educational.

    What happened?

    Thank you,

    Jerry Kemp
  5. wlmsonre
    09-30-2015 07:24 PM
    In the process of planning the rebuild of my 345 and I would like to retain the stock rods to save funds for some other components. I have read the threads concerning weight reductions. Other modifications I have planned will give me a higher rpm capability and while I won’t be turning 5500 rpm regularly if the mood strikes me…
    So will reducing the rotating mass have any adverse effects on torque?
  6. dswehosky
    09-16-2015 10:37 PM
    Michael I read your post on the economizers for a Holley 1904 and how to identify if they came from a 1920. Is it possible that later models used that style. I have a 1967 800 that to all my records has the original carb, but contained the 1920 style economizer. If I need to use that style, can I pickup a Ford Holley 1904 and cannibalize it for a correct 1904?

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  7. mbergthold
    02-04-2015 06:09 PM
    Mike - on the thermal vacuum switch post, you wrote that you have a '77. I have a '77 S2 345/727 w/AC, Calif. I am looking for someone who has the same spec vehicle to send me a photo of their smog sticker on the firewall plate under the hood so I can have a sticker made. Mine has remnants of the adhesive where the sticker was originally, but no sticker remains. If yours isn't spec'd like mine, do you know of someone's that is? I've ordered quite a bit of stuff from you & Jeff, placing another order now. Any help is appreciated. btw, I'm hoping to make this year's Sierra Rallye, looking forward to it.
  8. Big Chris
    12-10-2014 11:36 AM
    Big Chris
    my email is: craneandlift@gmail.com
    Thanks Again Chris Smith
  9. Big Chris
    12-10-2014 11:36 AM
    Big Chris
    I just bought a 75 Scout II with a 345 V-8 w/ 2 barrel carb and a manual transmission. It hasn't been on the road in 10 year and I was reading you post about starting an engine that has set awhile and downloaded your Old Iron .pdf.

    Did you ever finish that with pictures?

    Also I downloaded the electrical schematics I assume the term XMSN means transmission?

    This is my second Scout but have not owner one since I was 20 years old. I have ordered a service manual which I am sure will anwser a lot of questions but any help you can provide will be greatly apperciated.

    Chris Smith
    Salem, Oregon
  10. pgatterman
    08-25-2014 07:53 PM
    I need some quick measurements for welding my 78 Scout II gas tank bracket on. I bought a new floor and the old one never had the bracket on it....it rusted off years ago. Needless to say I don't know where to weld the new bracket. I have the supports on, but need this to finish. I know you have had some gas tank forums that I have looked through, but really nothing showing a measurement. I know it's really close if not right next to the frame cross-member. If you could give me some pictures or measurements from a rear support or something that would be great. You can email me too if that helps. pgatterman@gmail.com Thanks a bunch.

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