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Default 1966 IH 1200a cold storage parts/future project

Ho har hum, this is the truck I cant decide if I like enough to keep relatively intact or not. Heres the story: I bought my 1965 1100 4x4 and have lived within 20 minutes of this truck for over 10 years. I remembered it not having moved since I noticed it over a decade ago, sitting boxed in the corner of the yard of a local shop, so I figured I'd ask about it. Long story short it has no title or papers and has been that way for over 25 years give or take. I didnt even have an opportunity to ask about buying parts before the shop owner offered to sell it to me for $400 for parts only and he'd help dig it out with the shop fork lift. I looked it over, no battery, no air filter, no rokers(otherwise complete engine), valve covers were on the floor inside the cab, body is more or less meh(cowl has rust/vents surprisingly ok/floor is bad/fenders and facia look patched/have rott/hood has rott), dash is nice omiting the vinyl. It didnt take me more than 30 seconds to decide to buy it since the windshield is near mint and I figured it would cost me more to get a new one. Heres what I know for sure:
-266 v8 dual rotten pipes
-Borg Warner T98 4speed (unsure if T98a or not)
-disabled column shift
-I beam front axle, D60 open diff rear
-drivable when parked(as meaningless as that is)
Here is where the fun begins, for now I take parts when I know whats there will work, I want to preserve everything else for a couple reasons: 1 so the next guy can use something, and or 2 The Comunist West, 5th gen resident as I am, is actively trying to imprison me for working with guns. Since I can only remember roughly 80million mandatory laws at once and we seem to be at right around 100million, I be leaving sooner or later, and I rekon If I wanted I could easily get a salvage title in another state. Since my CDO in regards to keeping things original is long gone as I think this truck was gutted atleast once, and also since the body aint that great I could build it into a rig somewhere inbetween flatbed beater and rock crawler or a scaled down ultra4 esque truck. I figure with the column shift I could put in an auto with the 266, add a t-case and d-44, some knobby tires and Bobs' your uncle.
Here's the bottom line, I want to preserve the mechanics and every time I look at it I'm overwhelmed. The engine has sat with no VCs or air cleaner some time starting in the last 25 years. The oil is chunky white. The shifer had been dismantled for the leaver around about a year before I got it. I came back by the shop and there it was proped in the corner, aparently they tried to replace the one in their fork lift but it was the wrong one so they gave it to me and I put it back in. I pulled the parking linkage out for my rig(consequently the half shafts also) they were a bit rusty, not too bad. The rad and heater core are original, system looks dry and theres a hose to nowhere. Electrics look salvageable, the original harnes has been modified but cleanly so. I will be ordering a LST for it, not sure what good it will do but just for shiz and giggles. The locks were all still on one key, I removed them to install in my other truck. Looks to have been "General Lee" orange.(no racism intended) anyways, since I will move with it one way or another I need to keep it in one hunk, Im just looking for advice on what to do and where to begin. I figure It could be a good off road toy for more extreme roads than what my other truck will see(I want to keep it nice) and might as well be a bit Mad Max at the same time. See pics of corpse for reference.
Edit: one last thing, when we moved it it was in gear with no shifter. We picked up the back end with the fork lift and wheeled it onto a car trailer, upon setting down it rolled about a foot. I have not pulled the plugs to specifically check free engine rotation, but im positive it does.... Probably.... Rotate.
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