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Default Looking for several parts for my S800 V8

I live on the East Coast so all would need to be shipped. Obviously I'll take what I can get and don't expect one person to have everything. All I ask is send me pics and pricing, no OBO. You know what you want for it, just let me know and I'll tell you right away if I want it or not.

Unless otherwise specified everything I am looking for must be from an original IH 800 and in good shape. Everything I am replacing is either rotted, pitted, rusted, gauged, missing, bent, broke, etc. Not looking for NOS (but would consider) but I have all the rotted, pitted, gauged stuff now

Rear end caps in reasonable shape - I know they rot on the bottom and get hit on the edges, thats OK, the better the shape for sure but I can fix the other stuff. End caps that are bent in half and rotted not interested in
IH logo’d front and rear bumper bolts
Turbine hub caps
IH correct rear tire carrier bolts for bracket that goes on tailgate
Tailgate with no lower rot (for late model 800)
correct IH bolts for transmission tunnel cover
rear tailgate rubber handle
gear selector for auto 304 transmission
1970 side marker light assembly, lens would be great but light to no pitting on the chrome
original lug nuts, RHT
black tank rubber insulator - between tank edges and tank cover
“S” shaped clip for PS gas tank tube - mounts underneath the transmission tunnel
tank selector bezel
body bolts to mount tub to frame mounts
inner felt and outer chrome door/window strips - located on the top surface in the door between the glass (inner and outer seal)
black arm rest for door both sides
IH bolts for SII style window washer bottle - mounts frame to firewall
IH style wash bottle with original washer pump, no cracks and tabs all in tact
floor mats for passenger side, drivers side and rear cargo bay
rear “finishing” piece for rear cargo area - metal strip that goes on rear of the floor right where the tailgate hinge is located
black wiring harness straps
AM radio with dash nuts and finishing plate or any combination of the 3
defrost ducts (original cloth ones) not dry rotted
“christmas tree” clips for e-brake cables
drives side seat pedestal
8-cyclinder rubber wind deflector (goes on top underside of the hood and is black rubber with a metal backing)
8 cylinder 304 idler pulley
correct return springs for clutch and e-brake bar underneath body to frame points
rear back up lens surround must hare GROTE 458 stamped on surround and “chrome” not flaking off
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Join Date: May 2015
Member Number: 7660
Location: Milford, CT
Age: 49
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Default Re: Looking for several parts for my S800 V8

48 people have view this but not one has a part to sell??? lmao!
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