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Default Gonna DIY My Scout II Floors...

Howdy, everyone. Thanks for looking.

Here's what I've got:

1975 Scout II 4x4

I just yesterday pulled the seats and vinyl flooring out to figure out what I'm looking at with regard to rust repair. Looks like I'm going to need quite a bit, but I was wondering if anyone can please give me an idea from some pics what I'll need besides floor pans/bed/rockers/kick panels. I'll post a list of what I found yesterday here on IHPA.com and maybe someone can also give me an idea of what I won't need from it.

Some more info: Looks like body mounts are good except perhaps for the two located by the front passenger's feet. Even so, all the bushings were replaced last year just prior to me purchasing the rig.

An overall look.

Front left floors and kick panel.

That hole near the gas pedal has me a bid concerned...don't see a part. May have to patch?

Front right floor and kick panel.

Driver's door front dogleg.

Left floor pan to bed.

Right floor pan to bed.

Front of right wheel well.

Left rear bed area behind wheel well.

Right rear bed area behind wheel well.

Just based upon what I can see from the top of things, this is a list of what I'm going to need:

Front Inner Kick Panels L/R
Front Rocker Panel Corner Post Braces (Dog Legs) L/R
Rear Rocker Panel Corner Post Praces (Dog Legs) L/R
Rear Body Mud Gusset L/R (Not sure if this is necessary or where it goes)
Front half of Front Floor L/R (are these pre-formed for body mount bolt holes?)
Replacement Front Floor L/R (is this pre-drilled for seats and belts?)
Two-piece rear replacement floor
Inner rocker panels L/R
Outer rocker panels L/R
Door Pillar Quarter Panel Gusset L/R
Front Cab Mount Guide L/R (not certain where this goes)
Front Floor Support Kit L/R

What're everyone's thoughts on this? Is this DIY-able for a guy with some willingness to learn (plus a cutoff wheel and a mig welder)?

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