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Default Stock height leaf springs / Street ride quality

Please read.. there's a reward at the end.

Quick background: I started my 1975 2WD Scout II project almost 10 years ago. I rescued it from the woods after sitting for 8 years. Took it completely apart & put it back together. Problem was, once finished, it drove all kinds of horrible... like, scary horrible. I have had a few early 70's Broncos & a CJ7... they drove great on the street... but not this guy. Anways, I quickly ran out of funds, so there it sat. Now, I want to "finish" this project... hopefully you guys can help. The picture is the "before & after" of when I found it & after the "resto-mod"...

Stuff done: Replaced 196 4 cyl / 3 speed with a 1996 Chevy Vortec V8 / 4L60E automatic combo & in-tank fuel pump. Added a 1" body lift w/ all new body bushings. Added brake booster. Replaced all spring bushings, shocks, & added power steering box w/ a Borgeson steering joint.

From what all I have read (and I have spent hours & hours reading all the suspension posts) if I'm running 30-31" tires, I need caster shims & possibly a reverse shackle kit. I'm wanting a street cruiser b/c it IS a 2WD, afterall.

Springy stuff: My rear springs are flat as flat can be... my fronts don't flex at all. I think I put regular Monroe shocks on it. I plan to run a Terra top I found instead of the full top I have & the Chevy motor setup is approx 100 lbs lighter than the 196... So the way I figure it, I'm losing approx. 100 lbs on each end from stock.

Also, my front axle is "bowed" so that it looks like a U shape. From center, it rises maybe 3/16 to 1/4 from perch to perch. I read that alignment shops used to do this to correct camber. I found & bought an almost straight one, but not sure if I need to use it... but when I roll the axle via shims, I wonder if this will throw everything off.

I looked for a long time (years ago) for stock height springs... I see that you guys offer them. Since you guys bit the bullet & had some made, I want to get all the items needed from you to get my rig running down the road properly... Last year, I moved from rural Alabama to pretty much downtown Atlanta, so I need my truck to be "right" to fight this diseased traffic...

So here are my questions: Will your stock springs do the trick for my setup? What degree shims? Reverse shackle needed? Use the straighter axle tube I found? Are the rubber spring bushings really that much better for street use? Should I lose the 1" body lift? Any extra input?

Reward: If anyone actually read all of this & can reply, then I offer a sincere thank you & offer up an interweb handshake. That's the best I can do here... but if you were sitting next to me, I'd buy you a beer or 6.
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