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Default Rag joint column lengths and body lift

Hopefully sombody out there has info on how to fabricate or setup a lower half of a rag joint column. Heres the story: I have a 1965 1100 PU with some po mods. Basically, the truck has axles and power steering gear from a 69-71 1200, along with a 2" body lift. It has the later parts from the axle all the way to the end of the steering column in the cab. What I'm trying to do is change the interior look(mainly the steering wheel) back to a four spoke wheel that I have and also have a functional horn button and non jerry rigged signal switch. What I have so far is a basic idea, remove the truck upper column(wrong wheel spline) and replace with one from a scout 800. The problem I face is that said upper halves are at diferent lengths. (Measured from the end of the joint to the gap between wheel and signal switch cover) truck upper is roughly 34" and the scout 800 upper is 25". So you can probably see I'm needing something to fill the gap in the lower. I'm thinking it might also be a good time to change from rag joints to cv joints? Or are they over rated? I'm open to ideas, I'm trying to use as much period IH stuff as I can, however if I can get a segment of telescoping shaft like whats there and bolt generic modern joints on either end I'll take that as an easy option, I really don't know the ins and outs of steering column stuff real well yet. Atleast as far as columns more modern than the ones permanently attached to the steering box. I don't have a scout 800 upper yet but am eyeing one available for sale, thats how I got the measurement.
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