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Default Gas Filler neck for smog

HAve a 79 Traveler / 345 in process of putting together / 727 TF / Carter TQ / Dana 44's @ 3.54 with TrueTracs.

I am putting my truck back together (slow process), and am wondering where I might find someone who would know how, or where to find the gas nozzle insert for the filler neck. The insert restricted gas nozzle's to only "unleaded gas". Back in the 80's, I kinda "punched" it out. Now, being in the great "sucky" state of California, I want to get everything smog ready for when I go to DMV and Highway Patrol.

There has got to be someone out there who does this? Please let me know.

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Default Re: Gas Filler neck for smog

Richard, I'm not sure you can even buy leaded fuel anywhere anymore, so I don't think that neck is going to be a prob. I'd stop by a smog station and ask to be sure.
The thing that nailed me was the pressure test of the fuel system. They use their own fuel cap to pressurize the tank for like 30 sec. It has to hold or they fail you. Also make sure they clamp off the line under the hood that goes to the charcoal canister. Pressure will bleed right out otherwise.
I'd hang onto that filler neck. The early ones (like on my '74) constrict the vent and it takes forever to fill.
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