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Default Re: New old scout 800 project

So, after going to through my photos, I realize, I have not taken enough pictures recently. There are non of my fuel tank mounts or my fuel/brake lines mounted. I have been slowly working on the door jam/sill. So, I will go outside and take some more photos and upload them to prove I am making some progress....

Yesterday I just finished cutting and bending my inner fender (that goes outs side of the kick panel, but above the vent and the top hinge mount gets welded to it). It is a pretty pia structural part of the cab. I have been going really slow with it so hopefully I do it right. In the process of doing this, I threw down for some copper weld through primer. I don't want to have this rust again, so before I weld these back together, they are getting painted. I have some other weld through primer, but it is not that good when you are doing low amperage welding (like sheet metal). It causes too much splatter and gassing in the weld. I decided I would make my gauge cluster removable as well as my dash. So, I ordered some weather proof connectors off of amazon, and they should arrive in the next week or two. I will take pictures of that and post it once it is done. I plan on rewiring the whole thing, but in the mean time, I will make it easy for me to work on stuff. I plan on getting one of those bulkhead connectors as well so I can avoid rubber grommets and cut wires. I think I will go with one of those ez wire kits. They seem pretty good. Some last thoughts on my bend floor... I think I am going to try and find a junk yard bed from a pick up truck and use it as my floor, cut to fit. I don't know... We will have to see.
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