• To ALL forum users - As of late I have been getting quite a few private messages with questions about build ups here on the forum, or tech questions about your personal project. While I appreciate the interest, sending me a private message about these topics distracts from, and undermines the purpose of having a forum here. During the day I wear many hats as a small business owner-operator and I work tirelessly to provide the absolute best service possible to you, our valued customer. When I created this forum I rounded up some of the best minds I knew so that any tech question you might have could be asked and answered by either myself or one of my highly experienced moderators, this way the next time this same question is asked the answer can be easily found and utilized by the next IH enthusiast having the same question. This allows me the freedom to run the day to day operations of the business and minimize the impact to shipments and shop activities that these distractions can cause. It is of the up most importance for me to complete the daily tasks in order to best take care of you our customer, all the while providing you a forum to get the level advice and input you have come to expect and deserve from the premier IH shop in the country.

    So with that I ask that anyone with a question about one of our build ups or a general tech question to please use the forum as it was intended. I am absolutely available by telephone to answer your questions as well but at times may direct you back to our website to better field your question or questions. Most other private messages I will be glad to answer for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jeff Ismail
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  • Scooter - long time man, how are ya? Last I read you were moving out of the man cave and was curious where you landed?

    I've got some odds and ends that are still undone on my Scout 80, and wanted to see if you may be interested in putting in some time to fix the following:
    1. New gas tanks and gauge
    2. Rewire
    3. Rear seat install

    Let me know if you might be interested!
    Hey scooter I saw in one of your replies on a thread that you were running a scout with 4.56 gears and 33" tires. Thats the exact setup im thinking about. How did yours do on the roads? I assume you had a 345? I dont get above 45 mph on my daily commute and I have to climb a lot of hills so would you suggest the 4.56 gears?
    Hey Scooter,
    The guys at IH only told me you may be a good person to ask about truck repairing advice. I live in Oakland and am desperately looking for reliable help with my restoration.
    Hey scooter sent u a message when u get a chance give me a ring or email as i live in benicia/vallejo area and lookin for someone knowledeable to show me how to service my scout.


    Sorry for delayed response. Too soon to tell yet. I sent a PM. Currently have a couple projects on the plate at the moment. We'll keep in touch.
    Thanks for checking up. I'm about to do some steering linkage work, along with a shackle reversal swap on a 69 scout 800. I will send ya PM in a few with some info, and maybe we can get together some time and discuss some options.

    I'm already aware that it's a fairly straight forward swap. I will check out those links. just as a refresher course. Keep in mind that in my 74 scout, I swapped out the OEM 258 straight 6 motor and installed a 4.0 motor from a 90 Jeep Cherokee
    Hey scooter!

    I was told to come to you (from Chad at IH North) for guidance to someone who would be able to help find a place to have some steering work done on a scout im about to purchase. I live in Concord and was hoping to find a place not too far away. Any help would be great.
    In the time you spent over in my shop space during the motor swap, one word comes to mind = patience. Drastic things happen when one rushes things in haste.
    Hey, My phone dropped into a glass of water, currently trying to dry it out, so no phone for a while at least. Tried to solder the radiator, didn't work. Tried to crimp it and pinch of the leak. Didn't work. Leak was slow enough now though, so I put her all together and drove it home. Radiator still leaks and by the time I got home the whole front of my motor, hood, fenders, waterpump. and alternator were soaked with oil. Apparently the fuel pump is over an area that has a good supply of oil pressure. So I freaking give up. Everything I try to do good results in complications far worse than what I am trying to fix. A $2 freeze plug turns into a $200 radiator. A radiator tube pinch turns into blown oil seal. I'm afraid if I try to fix that the whole fuckin truck will just explode into a fireball of shit. I guess the answer is 3. The question being how many times am I going to try to fix something only to get beat down with a club before I get the message to just give up and stop trying.
    Hey Scooter yes the black one is mine it is a '65 800. It is for sale. I was planning on contacting you in re to that one. Cary suggested I talk to you about it. It has a '63 T90 transmission in it from a '63 CJ5, and no motor. I have a buyer if I can get her up and running. The buyer will finance the repairs, but I have no idea what direction to go with it. Maybe you could call me @ 925-848-5817 and help me brainstorm a bit. Thanx Ron
    it was funny
    I just changed comment for my 74 rolled scout. since the only thing left on there is the tub, frame and axles/tires
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